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We play QUIZGO® every Wednesday night at the Lower Red… What is QUIZGO®?

QUIZGO® is the leading pub quiz game played in pubs, clubs and bars throughout the country. QUIZGO® has quite literally revolutionised the British pub quiz night – injecting the much needed elements of fun, chance and entertainment.

Frustrating, isn’t it? When you go to a quiz night at your local and the same team wins week in, week out? Or one of those quiz nights where the quizmaster thinks the quiz should be more like an exam rather than an evening’s entertainment – well, you’ll be pleased to know that QUIZGO® is nothing like that. Not in here, anyway!!

QUIZGO® is about having fun, being entertained and the chance to take part in an event, either with friends or if you have none, individually.

QUIZGO® takes the best bits of the pub quiz and makes them better by combining the elements of a traditional pub quiz with elements of bingo, meaning not only do you and your team mates need to know the answers, you also need Lady Luck on your side.

With QUIZGO® you don’t need to know all the answers – just the answers that matter!

Everyone has their own unique QUIZGO® answer sheet, some people even play two or three sheets – just like bingo you can play individually but most people play as teams, just like a conventional pub quiz, but each has their own answer sheet.

The random nature of the answer sheets and the element of chance puts an end to the same couple of teams always winning the quiz, and adds fun, unpredictability and a suspense, along with a sense of fairness as everyone now has an opportunity to win.


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